Law of Attraction Success Stories

September 15, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story – Manifested 9/10 Desires in 2 months

By, Kshitij, India Hello everyone, I have great news to share with you all. I joined "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop in July 2020 & after that I have achieved 9 out of my 10 goals for Jul-Aug month. I am so happy nowadays. . .
September 1, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story – Writing my own Destiny through my Thoughts

By, Deepti, India From a person who hated the word CHANGE in any aspect of life to a person who is ready to change 360 degrees. I have grown as a person each day since the start of “31 Days Magic . .
August 10, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story – You are the Architect of your life

By, Ashlesha, India Hello Magical people , I am Magical Ashlesha Gaikwad , Architect from Pune, Maharashtra. I am very blessed, happy and grateful to Rhonda Byrne for sharing "The Secret" with everyone which has changed my life as well. . . .
July 21, 2020

Law of Attraction Success Story – Unbelievable Changes in 31 Days

By, Abhi Dube, India Firstly I want to thank Mohit sir, Ayanka Mam and The Universe, Thank you so much. You both have changed my life magically. I have completely changed in this Online "31 Days Magical Journey". . . .