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5th March – The Day I Died & Was Reborn

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5th March - The Day I Died & Was Reborn


Hello Friends …

Have you ever gone through a very bad time in life , where you feel like you have hit Rock bottom .. ? If “Yes”, you will be able to relate to my Story & I hope it inspires you a little. Before I start my Story, I want to say that life is not easy. We all are Struggling in life. So if you feel your life is very bad, you are wrong, most people have even more struggles then you .. We all are Struggling but we need to find blessings in life, so that we can enjoy our struggles..

Let me start with my Story -

In 2013, I left my Job at Apple & came back to Gujarat because I was planning to help people by teaching them about “The Law of Attraction” & Spirituality as it had helped me a lot over the years.. I published my 1st book in 2012 & it was International Best Seller on Amazon for 7 Weeks..

After coming to Gujarat, I wanted to do something to help People but I was confused. Same Year, I got a very good opportunity to work with one of my Uncles in a Real Estate Project in Gandhidham - Kutch & I decided to take this Opportunity. I decided to live at my Nana / Nani’s House ( GrandPatents ) from 2013 to 2015. They loved me a lot & I had my cousins and many relatives nearby so I didn’t miss my Home much.


In March 2014, March my Nani suddenly felt Sick. She was 65+ Years Old and had Diabetes from 20+ Years.. We took her to the Hospital on 4th March 2014, doctors told us that she had a Heart Attack. They didn’t have the right machine to do Angioplasty . So the Doctors recommended that we take Nani in the ICU - Ambulance to SIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat . SIMS is one of the best Hospitals in Ahmedabad so the next day we decided to take her to SIMS as soon as possible.

On 4th March night, my Mama (Uncle) came from Dubai to Gandhidham. He landed in Ahmedabad & drived 5 hours at night and reached Hospital to meet his Mother early morning around 4am. He talked to the doctor & we decided to leave around 8am in the Morning . My Mom was also worried, she & my Dad left for Gandhidham early Morning in the 6am Train . They had no clue that we were taking Nani to Ahmedabad.

On 5th March Morning 8am, we called my Mom & Dad . We told them that we are taking Nani to SIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad. They were already on the Train, so we told them that let’s meet somewhere in between. Me & my Mama(Uncle) decided to drive in our Car to Ahmedabad. We picked Mom & Dad from one of the Stations in between. It was around 10:30am at that time . We all were very worried about Nani as her health was critical. She was behind us in the ICU- Ambulance. We all were hungry so we hauled in a small place called Halvad, which is on the way to Ahmedabad. We took some food to eat in the Car & we left for Ahmedabad.

I remember my Mama(Uncle) was Driving & I was sitting in Front with him.. My Mom was sitting behind me & my Dad was sitting behind my Uncle. We all were worried about my Nani. We all were tired too as we all didn’t sleep last night. I decided to have a small nap after having my breakfast.

I Suddenly heard my Mom shouting - “Agye Dekho” . I opened my eyes & I saw that we were about to hit a Tractor which was in front of us & I saw my Uncle who was driving. His eyes were closed, I had only a few seconds, I held the Car Steering & moved it in another direction & then I lost my Consciousness.

I think I was Dead.. Have you ever seen Death..? I think I saw Death on that day in front of my Eyes.. Everything was Over..


Spiritual Reality :- I don’t remember much but I feel I talk to my Mom in the Spiritual Realm. I really loved my Mom, she was the best Mom in the World. I told my Mom that I want to come with you. But she said - “ No Mohit, You have to go back. You have life to live & you have to follow your bliss. You have to help people. They need you..” I was crying & I didn’t want to come back to Earth but it was the toughest decision to leave the person I loved the most.

Back to Life :- I opened my Eyes & there were more than hundred people surrounded Me & the Car.. The Car was in between the Divider & half broken from my side. My left hand was bleeding with glasses poked in my skin. No one was in the car, everyone was just looking at me in Awwe. Told them to get me out of the Car. Some people came & helped me . I knew that my Left hand was broken. I held my left hand with my Right hand & started to find others.. I was in Shock & I was saying - “God, This is a Dream. This is a Dream. Please wake me up..”

After looking around , I found my Dad & Mama (Uncle) a few Meters away sitting on the Road & Crying .. This was the 1st time in my Life I saw my Dad & Uncle both Crying .. It broke my heart. I slowly held my hand & walked towards them.. When I reached there, I was shocked to see my Mom lying on the Road, with no Arm . She was Dead. I fell down & started Screaming - “Please call the Ambulance. Please call the Ambulance.”

In 5 Minutes Ambulance came & they took my Mom’s Body in the Ambulance with all 3 of us. My Dad was crying - “ Please save Geeta.. Please save Geeta.”. My Dad was in so much Shock that he did even realise that my Mom was already Dead long back. My Mom’s name was - Geeta. She left us on this day 5th March 2014. I was taken to the Hospital the same day in Gandhidham. I had to undergo a surgery because I had multiple fractures in my left hand.


The Next 6 Months of my Life were the worst 6 Months I have ever lived. My Mom was my Life , she was my best friend. Now she is gone, it feels like my life is over. I went into depression . I used to get panic attacks, I remember I used to wake up at 3pm daily in the morning for the first 20-30 days.. I decided to live with my Dad & brother in Anand for a few months, so we can support each other. It was a very big loss for all of us, and none of us were prepared for anything like this.

After a month, I started again with my Law of Attraction Practices & Spiritual Practice like - Meditation / Gratitude / Self-Love Practiced / Affirmations / Reading Books & more.. This was one of the most difficult phases of my life & I used to ask myself - “Why God..? Why Me..?”

In November 2014, one day when I was Meditating I felt like I was getting a Message from the Universe / God . I got a Message - “ Mohit, You got a 2nd Chance to live your life. Don’t waste it. Life is Precious , so enjoy every day of your life to the fullest. Follow your Bliss & Follow your Passion. You are Special”. After this suddenly my eyes opened and I was feeling so peaceful . I just sat there for 1 to 2 hours & was digesting what just happened. I got a message which was so powerful that it changed my life forever.

So from the next moment, I decided that I am going to live every day of my life to the fullest. I started to enjoy every day of my life to the fullest, I knew my passion is to help people & share with them about “The Law of Attraction” & “Self Love” & “Mind Power” & how they can Change their Lives like I did . I started Planning on how to Start & where to Start. I wanted to help as many people as possible . I wanted to do something where I don’t just Share Knowledge but I make my Students Practice daily which will give them Results from Day 1.

In 2015 I Launched - “Mind, Body & Soul” - Online School for People who want to Transform their Lives . This School is not for Kids but for Adults who want to learn how to live a Happy, Positive & Successful Life. This School is for people who want to learn how to overcome their Challenges & live a Happy life. This School is for people who want to learn how Powerful they are & how they can Manifest their Dream Life. So in November 2015 I launched my 1st Ever Workshop called - “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop where I personally give attention to all my Students with daily New teachings & New Practice which are Life Transforming & it was the beginning of something Great.


Till now 2024 March , it’s been 8 Years and counting, I have conducted more than 100 Batches of my “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop & helped more then 10,000 People from India & all around the World to live a Happy, Positive & Successful life. My Goal is to touch the Lives of Millions of People through my Online Workshops & Personal Coaching.

Thank you dear for Reading my Story. If my Story Inspired You that means You can Change your Life too. It doesn't matter how difficult times you are in, but believe me - “You have the Power to Change your Destiny.”



Mohit Tahiliani

Law of Attraction Coach

Founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”

(E) – [email protected]

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