About Law of Attraction Coach - Mohit Tahiliani

Our Vision

“To make India, the most Positive and the Happiest Country of the World.”

Who Are We ?

“Mind, Body & Soul” is an Organization of people working together to run an Online Law of Attraction School with passion to help everyone to learn and master “Law of Attraction” which is the most powerful law in the Universe. Mind, Body & Soul was started in January 2015 with a Vision. We have our Head Office in Vadodara, Gujarat & planning to expand in every City of India till 2022.

Who Started “Mind, Body & Soul” ?

Mohit Tahiliani


Mohit Tahiliani is the founder of “Mind, Body & Soul”. He is learning and following “Law of Attraction” from the age of 20 when he was in College. He initially worked with Apple, TCS in Gurgaon, India as a Mac Admin/Network Admin/Security Admin. After 2 years of his experience he realized that his Passion is to help people so he left his job and started “Mind, Body & Soul” Organization when he was 25.  Mohit Tahiliani is a Life Coach/ Law of Attraction Coach and an Inspirational Writer who writes Inspirational Blogs and Books on Law of Attraction. He has helped 15000+ people through his Law of Attraction teachings. His 1st book – “Living the Secret” became International Best Seller in 2013.

Currently Mohit Tahiliani is conducting Online Law of Attraction Workshops every month, where he gives personal coaching to his students and he has also started giving Law of Attraction talks in Colleges and Schools of India. His Signature Workshop is “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session. He also conducts advance Workshops on Health, Prosperity/Business & Relationships.

Who All Are Part Of “Mind, Body & Soul” Organization ?

Heena Brahmbhatt

IT & Social Media Manager

Heena Brahmbhatt is Social Media Co-coordinator for “Mind, Body & Soul”, she also manages designing and Website Support.

She has Masters Degree in Electronics. She is also helping Indian Army by sharing her knowledge in Electronics. She is a Proud Member of “Mind, Body & Soul” – India’s 1st Online Law of Attraction School.

Sugandha Singla

Mental Health guide, Life coach & Motivational speaker

Sugandha Singla is a Mental Health guide, life coach & a motivational speaker.  She takes personal counseling of people who needs help to improve mental health and Law of attraction. She spread the positivity by writing articles for various newspapers and magazines also write the blogs. She bounds the people in her magical words during seminars and transforms the energy into positivity. Her aim is to make this world a happy place for all the human beings. She is also a Reiki Healer and gives healing sessions to those who have health challenges also provides distance healing.

( I came to know about LOA in 2009 and helped many people around me  like friends, my students and the people who came to me for counseling. People send me mails and messages for the solution and they always get benefited from the replies they receive. )

Meenakshi Jarial

Law of Attraction Coach/ Relationship Coach

Meenakshi is a Law of Attraction Coach from Australia who loves helping people by giving Personal Phone Coaching. She understand that everyone can’t learn Law of Attraction online, so she has started her Phone Coaching for individual students. She has helped hundreds of people through Online Workshops and her Phone Coaching. She is a Proud Member of “Mind, Body & Soul” – India’s 1st Online Law of Attraction School.

Ravina Gadiya

Law of Attraction Coach / Soul-Mate Coach

Ravina is a Law of Attraction Coach from Pune, India and she loves helping people to find their True-Love, their Soul Mate. She herself have Attracted her Soul Mate and now she is living her Dream Life. She want’s everyone to find their Dream Life Partner and she is ready to help every Single person for the same. She is a Proud Member of “Mind, Body & Soul” – India’s 1st Online Law of Attraction School.

Ishika Bhayana

Law of Attraction Coach / Motivational Speaker

Ishika is Law of attraction Coach and Motivational speaker from Delhi, India. She loves to help people by personal coaching, phone counselling and face to face counselling. She wants to make everyone to be the most happiest person and help everyone to live their dream life. She takes workshops in School, Universities and Corporates. She’s a proud member of “Mind Body and Soul”- India’s 1st Law of Attraction School.

Sneha Shah

 Entrepreneur and Life Coach

I am Sneha Shah, an entrepreneur and Life Coach. In my entrepreneurial journey over the past 15 years, I have surpassed my own expectations of success and emerged through various challenges and setbacks. While on this journey, I was trained and mentored by the legendary Alan Cohen. I am also a Money Reiki Master, Zen Councillor and Somatic Healer.

I follow a three step process with my clients:
Step 1) Reprogram your Conscious mind
Step 2) Reprogram your Sub-conscious mind
Step 3) Elevate your Vibrational Energy.

I have helped hundreds of people through coaching and healing, and I now give workshops with my friend and colleague Mohit Tahiliani.

Apsara Iyengar

Founder Applause Vadodara

Apsara is a director and theater mentor having started her journey as an actor in 2012, she went on to write plays performed at prestigious theater festivals. She also a marketing consultant knitting creativity into regular communication and mentoring theater programs all round the year . She has been a key mentor at the Playback Nigeria Children’s Theater Festival 2020 and is also a regular blogger for Theatre gym London.

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