June 29, 2022

Law of Attraction Success Story – My Life Transformed Completely like Magic

By, Rohini, India Hello everyone , I hope everyone is doing great .This is Rohini from Coimbatore. I would like to share my second success story with you guys. I am a normal girl with a lot of dreams like everyone but my current reality is different.. . . .
April 29, 2022

Self Love – The Key to Manifesting a Happy Life

I get lot of emails on daily basic from people who are having financial problems, health issues, relationship problems, confusion about what career to choose and when I get to know more about them I find something common in them – Lack of Self Love. I am studying Louise Hay (Author of You can heal…
April 26, 2022

Law of Attraction Success Story – I have become very Positive Person & also Attracted Health, Found My Passion & my SoulMate

By, Shivangi, India Hello magical people...I am Shivangi from Delhi. After attending Mohit Sir's "31 Days Mind Power Magic" Workshop and his personal mentoring, my life has changed from all negative to all positive. His fun, positive,. . . .