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The Magic Experiments

(Starting from 1st October 2023)

Welcome to a very Unique & Powerful Workshop on Quantum Physics called - “The Magic Experiment” Workshop Starting 1st October. I conduct this Special Workshop only Once a Year. In this Workshop you learn about Quantum Physics & Activate your Inner Powers. You will get a chance to become a Scientist for 22 Days & Perform 9 Experiments with me on Quantum Physics which will blow your Mind.

How is “ The Magic Experiment ” Workshop Conducted ?

  • This Workshop will be conducted in my Private Facebook Group for 22 Days.

  • Everyday I will post my Morning Videos in Facebook Workshop Group at 5 AM & 6 PM( English/Hindi).

  • You have to give Approx. 30 Minutes Daily in the Workshop to Practice. ( Flexible Timings)

  • You will also get Personal Mentoring from me on Whatsapp Daily. ( For 22 Days )

What are the 9 Experiments We Will Perform in the Next 22 Days of “ The Magic Experiment ” Workshop ?


Ask God/Infinite Energy to show their presence in form of a blessing/gift in just 2 Days time period.


Change your energy and see what you want to see. Decide what you want to see and you will realize that the outer world is just a reflection of your inner world.


We are energy fields and with your energy and thoughts, learn how to move a steel wand in any direction.


Manifest your wish/desire in just 2 Days like a Magic.


You can get all the answers for the Infinite Energy/God/Universe/Higher Consciousness in just 2 Days.


You can change and make an impact on a matter through your thoughts and consciousness.


Loose weight/ Gain weight in just 3 Days without changing your diet or exercise.


You will send a message to some one without being in that persons presence and get evidence of the message delivered in just 2 Days.


Change your focus and your world will change in front of your very eyes in just 2 Days.

What are the Benefits to Join “ The Magic Experiment ” Workshop ?

  • You Will Understand How Quantum Physics Works in our Day to Day Life.

  • You can use these Experiments to Lose Weight / Gain Weight easily.

  • You can use these Experiments to Communicate With Gods.

  • You can use these Experiments to understand the Power of your Thoughts & use it to Change your Life.

  • You can use these Experiments to learn Telepathy.

Who Can Join “ The Magic Experiment ” Workshop ?

  •  If You Have Good Knowledge on “The Law of Attraction” then You Can Join.

  • If You Have Done My “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Workshop, you are eligible to Join this Workshop.

How to Enroll in “ The Magic Experiment ” Workshop ?

Fees to Enrol in my “The Magic Experiment” Workshop starting 1st October 2023 is –

1. Normal Student – Fees is Rs 5100/-

Link to Pay – PayUMoney

2. Early Bird Discount – Fees Will be Rs 3300/- ( Join Before 15th Sep & get Rs 1800/- Discount )

Link to Pay – PayUMoney

While you do the payment, capture the transaction id (take a screen shot) and mail me to [email protected]

Once you make the Payment and Enroll in our Workshop, you cannot Cancel and there is no Refund.



  1. sonali says:

    Sir, do we need to pay seperately for all the workshops? asking because you’ve mentioned somewhere that 3000 is one time investment. thanks!

    • Mohit Tahiliani says:

      Hi Sonali,

      You can only join “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session. After you complete this workshops, you can apply for other workshops.

      Fees for 1 workshop is Rs 3000/-.

      Mohit Tahiliani

  2. Mahipa KALANOURIA says:

    Sir when is this magical experiment class again. I want to enroll

    • Mohit Tahiliani says:

      Hi Mahipa,

      You have to first experience our “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session before you can join any other Session.

  3. Devidas gena pawar says:

    Course language English / Hindi? Sir

  4. Meera Malini Sivakrishnan says:

    I want to join your course.

  5. Mayur Borkar says:

    Will enroll soon for this course.dammed u mohit.

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