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    1. Kajol salwe says:

      Sir i am lossing my self confidence because i could not get marks as i expect and i am having main exam after a month.what should i do.plz sir help me

      • Mohit Tahiliani says:

        Hi Kajol,

        Everyone know about Law of Attraction but 95% of them don’t know how to apply it. Don’t worry because my job is to help people like you to master Law of Attraction so that you can be happy and attract your Dream Life.

        Law of Attraction is a vast subject and can’t be learned in a day or a week. Also this is a kind of subject which won’t help you if you even learn it. The most important this is practice and using this knowledge into use on daily basis. Only then you will get results.

        To make it easy to understand and to get results I have designed a “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session which is an Life Transforming Online workshop for people who want to Master Law of Attraction and get results. This is 100% practical workshop. So let me know if you are interested, I will send you details about my upcoming “31 Days Mind Power Magic” Session.

        Mohit Tahiliani

    2. Chetali says:

      Where do you operate from ?
      Do you take any classroom or offline workshop ?

    3. Sonia sharma says:

      Hello sir am Sonia from Jammu …I want ur help ….am totally blank ……lost self confidence no faith no positivity at all in life … suffering from emotional trauma……lost friends trust… just feeling dat am good for nothing……..plz sir help me…to identify myself..plz

    4. pratibha says:

      Hey hiii..i am a student..i am having my exam in mid of jan..but right now i am stuggling with some personal issues..i want to join your course that is starting from 1st december. Can you please guide me that i should join it now or after my exam. Because its my Mains exam for job..
      And Is it compulsory to sit for the practice at scheduled time?
      How many hours i will need for it?

    5. sanjay singh says:

      Please let me know about your 31 day program please contact me as soon as possible

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